A short intro to the history of equity exchanges


The historical backdrop of the American securities exchange had its beginnings in the late 1700s amid the youngster years of the nation. In Philadelphia, establishing residents of this new world organized a stock trade wherein money could be traded keeping in mind the end goal to help business and animate this new economy.   This […]

Unaffected German firms

Political vulnerability at home and abroad and additionally the European Central Bank’s choice to diminished bond buys seem to have had no effect on the euphoric business assurance in Germany, an Ifo initiate market analyst said on Friday. “The German economy seems exceptionally powerful and unaffected by the political advancements,” Klaus Wohlrabe stated, refering to […]

Stocks 1O1

The most basic form of investing is through purchasing company stocks (shares). In this post we will go over the basics of stocks, what they are, their valuation and categories of different stocks. To start off, a stock is simply a share in the company (considered an equity), you purchase a stock in hopes that […]

Cheat Sheet

– EPS (earnings per share) this figure is calculated by dividing quarterly net income by (average) common shares outstanding. EPS = net income/Outstanding common shares. in case the company has preferred stocks, you simply subtract the dividends on the preferred stocks from net income than divide by number of outstanding common shares. Tip: to find […]